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Hosting an exchange student is a rewarding and life-changing experience for your family, creating a unique opportunity to experience other cultures and establish lifelong bonds. Just as any other family throughout the world, a Face The World host parent can be married, single, retired, with children or no children – a first time parent or a grandparent – there is no “typical” host family.


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Asked Questions

For the J-1 student, you will not get payment in terms of money, but rather in values and knowledge. Hosting a student will allow your family to visit a foreign country without leaving your home! A $50 per month charitable tax deduction can be claimed for your participation in the program

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes: they can be single, retired, empty-nesters, or childless. A family must have the emotional and financial stability to sustain a student for a year. They should have a desire to learn about other cultures and the willingness to share their life with a person from another culture. Host families are expected to include their student in all host family activities, including chores.

There is no typical host family. Students are interested in a wide range of hosting situations. Some students who come from large families would like to experience being the only child in a family.

Many of the students accepted into the program indicate an interest in being placed in families with small children. As for your own children, their facility for learning a language is never greater than when they are young. Similarly, their interest, curiosity and acceptance of people different from themselves is strongest at a young age. They will look up to the exchange student and in turn the exchange student feels special.

Program participants are prepared to share a bedroom with a child of the same gender. The only requirements are that the exchange student must be provided with his or her own bed, and that the host sibling sharing the room be within 5 years of the student’s age. We have found that a student who shares a room with a host sibling often makes the transition from exchange student to family member more quickly.

In most of our two-parent families, both parents work. We are not looking for families to entertain our students. We are looking for families who will share an exchange of ideas, lifestyles, and love with a child from another culture. With his/her participation in the local high school, the student will quickly develop a circle of friends and should not be dependent on the family for entertainment.

All students are covered by a comprehensive health and liability policy while on the Face The World program.

The student expects to be welcomed into a warm and loving home. Flexibility, a sense of humor and the ability to help a young person adapt to a new family and lifestyle are also important qualities that students hope their family will have.

The English level of your student will depend upon a number of factors including the length of time the language has been studied, the environment in which the student received the instruction, the student’s native language, and many other factors. Our academic programs require the students to demonstrate a level of fluency that will allow them to function in an American high school shortly after arrival. Occasionally, a student may seem to have poor English skills upon arrival, but there is usually a noted improvement after a few days of adapting to the new environment.

Your community representative will contact the local high school to obtain their approval of the student’s enrollment. The family should help the student register for classes once he or she has arrived.

Yes, as long as the two students are from different countries and speak different native languages. This is an ideal situation for empty-nesters, as each student has the other.

Each family and student is assigned a community representative who will work with them during the program. This person is prepared to assist you with any problems that might arise. In the event of a serious problem or conflict of personalities, Face the World will remove the student for evaluation to determine whether the student should be replaced or returned to his or her home country.

Yes! Based on a review of the information you provide to us, and a review of the student files available for the upcoming year, your local representative will present to you several files for your consideration. You will ultimately select the student you would like to host.


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Take the first step in becoming a host family by filling out the application linked below. If you aren’t quite ready because you still have a few questions, we’d love to hear from you.