Community Reps


Making A Difference And Promoting Cultural Exchange

Face The World relies on an extensive, closely knit network of Community Representatives (CR) across the country that are at the heart of our organization. Being a CR can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience, creating personal connections globally through cultural exchange.

Become Part Of The Future Of Global Exchange

As a CR, one can make a personal contribution to the enrichment of young people from around the world and also promote cross-cultural understanding. At home, you promote enhanced cultural competency for your family, your community and for students in high schools throughout the country. Face The World offers thorough training to our extensive network of Community Representatives. Training and professional support covers such topics as:

When I started as a Community Representative in the fall of 2008, I recalled having hosted a few times before I got married and thought, "oh I could do that, sounds fun!" I had no idea what an amazing job I had stepped into. My sons, husband and I now have friends from all over the world, and even more friends in our own town. Through the good and the bad of each and every day my family and I have grown and learned all about cultures, languages and countries. It is truly a blessing.


Apply Today

Take the first step in becoming a host family by filling out the application linked below. If you aren’t quite ready because you still have a few questions, we’d love to hear from you.