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Join thousands of students from all corners of the globe in experiencing the United States in a way that you will never forget! Our J-1 program offers a 5-month, 10-month, and 12-month program for international high school students.

F-1 Academic Visa

Students must FIRST apply with a Face The World international partner. To find out if we have an international partner in your country, contact us. Our international partners interview and screen all applications, and each applicant must qualify to be accepted into our F-1 program. In addition to completing an application, students must:


Asked Questions

For the J-1 student, you will not get payment in terms of money, but rather in values and knowledge. Hosting a student will allow your family to visit a foreign country without leaving your home! A $50 per month charitable tax deduction can be claimed for your participation in the program.

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes: they can be single, retired, empty-nesters, or childless. A family must have the emotional and financial stability to sustain a student for a year. They should have a desire to learn about other cultures and the willingness to share their life with a person from another culture. Host families are expected to include their student in all host family activities, including chores.

In most of our two-parent families, both parents work. We are not looking for families to entertain our students. We are looking for families who will share an exchange of ideas, lifestyles, and love with a child from another culture. With his/her participation in the local high school, the student will quickly develop a circle of friends and should not be dependent on the family for entertainment.

All students are covered by a comprehensive health and liability policy while on the Face The World program.

The student expects to be welcomed into a warm and loving home. Flexibility, a sense of humor and the ability to help a young person adapt to a new family and lifestyle are also important qualities that students hope their family will have.

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Watch the videos below to hear about some of the experiences our current and former students have had as an international exchange students.