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Community Representatives

At Face the World, we believe that community representatives are the heart and soul of our organization when it comes to supporting our exchange students. These representatives serve as a bridge between our exchange students, their host families, and the broader community, ensuring that the students have a safe and positive experience during their stay in the United States.


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To become a community representative for FTW the following requirements apply:

  • 25+ Years or Older

  • Clear Background Check: Community Representatives are required to undergo background checks to ensure the safety and well-being of the exchange student.

  • Good communication skills: As a community representative, you will be expected to communicate with exchange students, program coordinators, and other stakeholders. Therefore, you should have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Cultural awareness: Exchange programs are all about cultural exchange, and you should have a good understanding of different cultures and be able to navigate cultural differences sensitively.

  • Enthusiasm for the program: As a community representative, you should be passionate about the exchange program and be willing to promote it to others.

  • Time commitment: Although being a community representative is a flexible role, it does require you to have the time and availability to dedicate to the role. For example, having time to complete tasks in a specific time frame. 

  • Organizational skills: As a community representative, you may need to organize events or meetups, so you should have good organizational skills to plan and coordinate events successfully.

  • Good standing with the community: You should be a respected member of the community and have a good reputation among fellow exchange students, program coordinators, and other stakeholders.


What they Do

Community representatives play a critical role in our organization by identifying and recruiting host families, conducting host family interviews and home visits, and providing ongoing support and guidance to both host families and exchange students throughout the program. They are often the first point of contact for our students and families, and they work tirelessly to ensure that our students feel welcomed and supported in their new communities.

In addition to their role in supporting host families and students, community representatives also organize cultural activities and events, facilitate communication between students and their schools, and serve as advocates for our students in their communities. They are an essential part of our organization, and we are deeply grateful for their dedication and commitment to our mission of promoting cross-cultural understanding and academic excellence through student exchange programs.

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Community Representative Perks

What Our Representatives Say

Happy woman

Tasha Seaman, Community Representative

When I started as a Community Representative in the fall of 2008, I recalled having hosted a few times before I got married and thought, "oh I could do that, sounds fun!" I had no idea what an amazing job I had stepped into. My sons, husband and I now have friends from all over the world, and even more friends in our own town. Through the good and the bad of each and every day my family and I have grown and learned all about cultures, languages and countries. It is truly a blessing.

Woman in Office

Kristie Walker, Community Representative

I can honestly say that my job is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences I've ever had. I have the privilege of working with families and exchange students from all over the world, helping to facilitate life-changing experiences for everyone involved.


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